Baba Prithvi Singh Azad (Lahore Conspiracy Case ( First) )

Born in village labru-Patiala-Punjab. One of the founder members of the Gadar Party. Sentenced to death in the Lahore Conspiracy Case 1915. Afterwards commuted to life imprisonment. Deported to Cellular jail- Andamans. Repatriated to mainland and while on transit to Nagpur Central Jail escaped from police custody from a running mail train on 29-11-1922. Led an underground life for sixteen years. In 1938, he voluntarily surrendered to Mahatma Gandhi. He was again arrested by the British Government. But was released with the outbreak of the second world war(1939).

Gopal Acharya (Atharabari Mail Action )

Born 1911-Usthi, Myamansingh ( now in Bangladesh) s/o late Ambikakanta Acharya. Belonged to 'Anusheelan Samity'. Sentenced to seven years prison term in Atharbari Mail Action in September 1931. Deported to Andamans. Took part in the two hunger strikesw in Cellular Jail 1933 May, 45 days and 1937 July , 37 days. Repatriated and released in 1937. Externed from Calcutta in June 1940. Again arrested and detained under Defense of India rules from July 1940 to July 1942. Total jail period more than eight years.

Shambhu Nath Azad (Ooty Bank Action )

Arrested in connection with Ooty Bank Action. Awarded ten years rigourous imprisonment. Deported to the Andamans. Participated in the second hunger strike there July 1937, 37 days,repatriated in1937 and released in 1938. Suffered detention in prison in 1942.

Shyam Krishna Agarwal (Patna Revolutionary Cinspiracy Case )

Son of Banwari Lal,residence Bihar, age 19 years(1932). Sent up in Patna revolutionary conspiracy case (1932). Sentenced on 18 April 1932 to transportation for life. . Deported to the Cellular Jail in May 1935. Permanent incarcerated No. 299. repatriated in 1937 and was released after the formation of Congress ministeries in different provinces of India .


This is not a comprehensive list. We have tried to record the names of the prominent freedom fighters who were involved in some of the major revolutionary movements of the time and incarcerated in this Cellular Jail. We welcome contributions from anyone who has specific details to Contact Us.

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