Priyada Chakraborty ( )

Bathua Action and Conspiracy Case Fatehabad, s/o Late Durga Charan Chakraborty. Chittagong. Younger brother of Mokshada Chakraborty convicted in the Bathua Action and Conspiracy case to 25 years prison term. Deported to Andamans. Took part in the second hunger strike in Cellular Jail in 1937, july for 37 days and another one in Alipore central Jail in 1939, July for 36 days. Released in 1946 August. Total jail period thirteen years.

Jogendra Chandra Chakraborty ( )

Kamalpur Action S/o Late Debendra Nath Chakraborty. Born at Nitabkandi, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. A member of Jugantar Party at the age of 14. Arrested in September 1932 and convicted for three and a half years and an year and a half in mainland jails.

Akshoy Kumar Choudhury ( )

Bolla Action Born kaitara, West Dinajpur, West Bengal, s/o Late Pratap Chandra Choudhury. Belonged to Yugantar Party. Arrested in connection with Bolla Action. Sentenced to ten years prison term. Deported to Andamns. Took part in the second hunger strike in Cellular Jail in July 1933 for 37 days. Total jail period more that six years.

Ananta Chakraborty ( Bholada) (Conspiracy and Bomb case)

Born 6th April, 1901, Rakudia, Barisal ,Bangladesh, s/o Late Chandramoni Chakraborty. Joined Yugantar Party at 14. Known to Sachndranath Sanyal And jati Das. Arrested in November 1925 in connection with the Conspiracy and Bomb Case. Sentenced to seven years R.I. in this case. Subsequently in Bhupen Chatterjee killing incident within Alipore Central Jail ( 28.05.1926) He was made an accused by special tribunal sentencec for life term. First he was sent to Burma Jail and from there deported to Cellular Jail , Andamans in 1933. Joined the two hunger strikes there in 1933 and 1937, for 45 and 37 days respectively. Repatriated and released in 1938. Total jail period more than 13 years.


This is not a comprehensive list. We have tried to record the names of the prominent freedom fighters who were involved in some of the major revolutionary movements of the time and incarcerated in this Cellular Jail. We welcome contributions from anyone who has specific details to Contact Us.

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