Dwarka Prasad Pande (Chowri Choara Case)

Born at Jindapur, Junglekuria, Gorakhpur, U.P. s/o Late Nepal Prasad Pandey. Was involved in the famous Chowri- Chowra case were police fired on unarmed people. They were infuriated and burnt the police station. 26 persons died. He was given a life term sentence. Deported to the Andamans in 1923. repatriated in 1930 and released in 1937. He was rearrested in1942. Total jail period about 20 years. He died in January 1982. gandhji withdrew his Non Cooperation movement after this popular upsurge.

Keshav Prasad (Gaya Conspiracy Case)

Born in Gaya, Bihar, participated in Civil disobedience movement. Joined Hindusthan Socialist republican Army. Arrested in gaya in connection wuth Explosives and Arms Seizure incidence. Sentenced to prison term of 7 years in 1933. and deported to the Andamans. Took part in second hunger strike. Repatriated in 1937 and released in 1938. In early seventies he became a sanyasi and took an ashram life in Vrindavan.

Pandit Parmanand (Jhansi) (Lahore Conspiracy Case (1915))

Connected with the Gaddar movement while in Singapore. Had contact with the 5th mohammadan platoon and the 35th Sikh regiment there. Enthused them to rise in revolt against the British Raj. Authorities trid to nab him but he went underground and surfaced back in India. HE was arrested in Lahore in 1915. Sentenced to death in the first Lahore Conspiracy Case. This was subsequently commuted to life imprisonment and sent to the Andamans. For thrashing a Supdt. In the Cellular Jail, the sadist Bari, he was flogged. He was repatriated and released in 1922. He participated in the Civil disobedience movement in 1931 and Quit India Movement in 1942 and suffered various other imprisonment terms.

Satish Chandra Pakrashi (Mechuabazar Bomb Case)

Born 1894 at Madhabdi, Dacca, Bangladesh, s/o Jagadish Pakrashi, while a school student took part in anti partition movement in 1906. Joined Anusheelan Samity, Dacca branch. Arrested in 1911 for 1 years under arms act. After release went underground and took part in 3 major actions. A) Attempt on the life of Basanta Chatterjee, Dy. Supdt. I.B> police, Calcutta on 25th November 1915. B). While in Malda , a headmaster in school was inflicted death punishment for his nefarious activity as a police informer. C) While in Guhati, Assam , broke out of Police Cordon and escaped to safety. Finally after 6 years underground he was arrested in February 1918 and released in January 1921 again arrested in 1923 and detained till 1928 after release started preparing for Arm Uprising in 3 places in Chittagong , Barisal and Calcutta .while engaged in this work he was arrested from Mechuabazar street on 19.12.1929 together with Niranjan Sen and Raman Biswas.Sentenced to 7 years transportation in June 1930. deported to the Andamans. Took part in first hunger strike of 1933,May. Repatriated in 1937. Released in 1938 . Arrested again and released in 1942. Total jail period more than period more that December 1973. His reminiscence of the 'Agniyuger Katha' was highly acclaimed by the public.


This is not a comprehensive list. We have tried to record the names of the prominent freedom fighters who were involved in some of the major revolutionary movements of the time and incarcerated in this Cellular Jail. We welcome contributions from anyone who has specific details to Contact Us.

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