Dr. Narayan Roy (Calcutta conspiracy and Dalhousie Square( B.B.D. Bag) Bomb Case)

Born 1900. s/o late K.N.Roy of kailash Bose Street, Calcutta. Joined the Yugantar Party in 1928. Was also a councillor of Calcutta Corporation at that period. Sentenced to 15 years R.I. transferred to Yerhada jail in Mumbai. From there to Cellular Cell in 1933. Participated in the two hunger strikes. Repatriated in 1938. Released in 1939. total jail period about nine years.

Indu Bhushan Ray (Alipore Bomb Case)

Was convicted to 10 years R.I. previously hurled bomb at M.Tardival, Mayor of Chandannagar, Narendra Goswami wa his companion. Narendra Bandopadhyaya of Chandan Nagar organised this action. Brutal and sadistic torture in the Cellular jail made him a mental and physical wreck. In desperationhe committed suicide on 29.04.1912.

Late Subal Chandra Ray (Charmuguria Post Office Action)

Awarded 7 years R.I. and deported to the Andamans. Repatriated in 1937 and released in early 1938. Total jail period about 7 years.

Nikhil Guha Roy (Shibpur- Nadia Action Faridpur, Bangladesh.)

Arrested in connection with Shibpur, Nadia, Bangladesh 1915. Sentenced to transportation for life. Deported to the Andamans. Repatriated and released in early twenties. Participated in the Non Cooperation Movement. Again arrested in connection with Kandi Bomb acse. Murshidabad West Bengal and convicted , deported to the Andamans again in 1933. Repatriated in 1937. Released in 1945.


This is not a comprehensive list. We have tried to record the names of the prominent freedom fighters who were involved in some of the major revolutionary movements of the time and incarcerated in this Cellular Jail. We welcome contributions from anyone who has specific details to Contact Us.

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