Dr. Bhupal Bose (Dalhousie Square Bomb Case )

S/o late Kaminikumar Bose-landlord, Dacca, Bangladesh. Joined Revolutionary Party at the age of 11. Involved for Dalhousie Square bomb case in which a bomb was thrown on the Calcutta Police Commissioner, Charles Tegart on 25.08.1930 at 11 A.M.. Arrested and sentenced to fifteen tears rigourous imprisonment. Joined hunger strike in Cellular Jail, 45 days 1933 May. Released and again detained under D.I.R. Total jail period about 14 years. Breathed his last on 27th February 1981.

Bibhuti Banerjee (Mechua Bazar Bomb Case )

Born 1917, Tejpur, Dacca( Bangladesh),S/o Lalit Mohan banerjee, While a student came in contact with revolutionary party. Arrested and tried by the special Magistrate in Dacca and convicted to 5 years R.I. under Arms act. Deported to the Cellular jail, Andamans. Repatriated in 1937. He died leaving behind his widowed wife.

Bidhu Guha Biswas ( )

Born in 1910, Dacca -Bangladesh. S/o Late Jogesh Chandra Guha Biswas , Joined Sree sangha at the age of 15, remained underground for party works for about two years. Arrested in 1931 in Calcutta with weapons. Tried in Alipore court and sentenced to five years R.I. Deported to Cellular Jail ,Andamans. Participated in the first hunger strike there, 1933 may-duration 45 days. Repatriated and released. Total jail period 7 years.

Chndra Kanta Bhattacharya (Ramchandrapur Mail Action )

Born at Bidyakut, tripura. Belonged to Anushilan Samity s/o Late Umesh Chandra Bhattacharya. Arrested in connection with Ramchandrapur Mail Action. Sentenced to 8 years prison term. Deported to the Andamans. Participated in the second Hunger Strike in Cellular Jail -Andamans July 1937, 37 days. Repatriated in 1937. Released in 1938. Total jail period seven years. He is no more in the living.


This is not a comprehensive list. We have tried to record the names of the prominent freedom fighters who were involved in some of the major revolutionary movements of the time and incarcerated in this Cellular Jail. We welcome contributions from anyone who has specific details to Contact Us.

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